We are looking for tutors in Korea who can commit to teaching online during the evenings KST and weekends as well

Date of Job Posted: Thursday, October 5, 2023


TUTORING is a company based in South Korea, and we offer ONLY-AUDIO lessons to students who are willing to enhance their speaking skills. Recently, we have been have been contracted by major Korean conglomerates such as LG and Samsung to teach their employees.

We are looking for tutors who can commit to teaching online during the evenings KST and weekends as well. We prioritise appointment sessions, however you are also free to conduct classes when you are can!

About the Tutor position:

Your work should help students cultivate an interest in English and support them in the entire process of learning and development. Your duties will include providing knowledge and instructions to students while also helping them develop their personalities and skills.

You should be passionate about this job and able to reach out to students, creating a relationship of mutual trust. We expect you to know well how to organise a class and make learning English an easy and meaningful process.

Tutor responsibilities are:

Comprehensively conduct lessons and use audio means to facilitate learning
Assist each student individually by promoting interactive learning

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