We have a full curriculum for English teachers in Korea to teach and lots of events and activities for students to enjoy

Date of Job Posted: Wednesday, September 6, 2023


I am Manager Chris from Global Leaders Center(GLC) in Korea.
We have a full curriculum for teachers to teach from and lots of events and activities for students to enjoy!

Please send me your picture/resume and Skype ID if you are interested.

Salary offer: 2.3~2.8 (Depending on the interview & Experience)

Thank you!

About Us

Global Leaders Center (GLC) has a large facility that teaches students ranging from 4 years old up to 6th grade. If you have a lot of energy and passion for teaching English to children, we are looking for you! Our fully ready curriculum is full of fun materials with songs, poems, stories, and dancing! (Don’t worry too much about the singing and dancing, it’s super easy and we don’t require an angel’s voice!)
We have many events throughout the year and really like to have fun with the students!
If you enjoy teaching and many other activities with kids, we are looking for you!

General Information about our school

1. We are a Kinder/Elem academy. We have 300+ students, 40+ Teachers/Management, 6 Native Teachers.
2. We use the GrapeSEED curriculum. All the classes have lesson plans and materials ready and available to teach with full training from our GrapeSEED coaches. NO NEED TO MAKE LESSON PLANS OR HOMEWORK(woohoo)
3. Pay and health insurance and severance pay/pension will never be late nor lied about. All pay with receipts.
4. We have a large location with 3 playgrounds, 2 buildings(multi floors), and 2 large auditoriums. Elevators(yay!) Large classrooms to do more activities in class.
5. Support and lots of encouragement to bring out any teacher’s full potential.


No. of openings: 1
Start Date: ASAP
Salary: 2.3m-2.8m
(Pay will be negotiable and depend on experience and qualification) + ₩400,000 housing
Location: Munsan, Paju.
Vacation: 11 paid vacation days(as chosen by the school) in addition to national holidays
Benefits: one way airfare to Korea, severance pay at the end of completed contract, 2 days sick leave
Insurance: 50% Health & 50% National insurance
Hours: Hours: 9:30AM - 6:30PM
· A completed, apostilled, bachelor's degree,
· eligibility for E-2 Visa sponsorship, or already holding an F-Visa

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