Kinder, elementary, middle school English teacher positions are available in Busan city of Korea - Salary: 2.3 mil kwon~

Date of Job Posted: Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Location: Busan city

Teaching level: Kinder-elementary

Working hrs: MWF: 09:25-17:35/TT: 10:30am-18:40pm

Starting date: Early Nov,2023

Salary: 2.3 mil kwon~

One calss duration: 40~45 min

Current foreign teacher: 3ppl

Full benefits( air ticket, housing or housing allowance , medical insurance, end of bonus ,National pension and visa sponsor, paid holiday)


[5-128] Location: Busan city

No of positons: 2 ppl

Teaching level: Elementary-middle

Working hrs: M~F: 2-9pm

Start date: Early Oct, 2023

Salary: 2.2~nego

Full benefits(air ticket, single housing or housing allowance, medical insurance,National pension, end of bonus and visa sponsor, holiday)


Please send your resume and recent photo to

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