ESL VivaCom is a licensed recruiting agency in South Korea - We have been around for more than a decade now

Date of Job Posted: Tuesday, August 22, 2023

ESL VivaCom is a licensed recruiting agency in Korea. We have been around for more than a decade now and have earned excellent reputation in the ESL industry. We are here to help you find the right ESL job in Korea. Please do one of the following:
(1)Send your resume and picture to
(2)Submit your job application on our website It will help us know specifically about you and your requirements. This will greatly help us find the right job that meets your requirements.
*Submitting your job application (#2) directly on our website is a better option for us. This way is easier for us to assess your qualification and requirements than just sending your resume and picture (#1).


Dave Shin
Director of VivaCom Recruiting Agency - Korea

ESL VivaCom Korea- Licensed Recruiting Agency
Email address:
Kakao ID: vivacom1
Mobile: +82-10-7189-2071 or +82-10-2215-2071
Websites: (Find jobs or teachers directly)

Job Description

-Location: Anyang City(Pyeongchon), Gyeonggido

-7 minutes walk distance from Pyeongchon station to the school. It takes only 19 minutes from Sadang station(Gangnam, Seoul) to Pyeongchon station(one straight line 4).

-Pyeongchon is one of the most famous academy towns that most of foreign teachers like.

-Website of Anyang city:

=Founded in 2019/Stable and Well organized

=Teaching levels: Kindergarten kids to Elementary school students

=Working time(Mon to Fri): 9:00 AM to 6:00PM (including lunch break, class preparation and etc.)/Free lunch will be provided.

=Teaching hours per week: 25 hours

=Paid vacation per year: 10 days

=National holidays, Saturdays and Sundays: No work

=Number of foreign teachers currently working with this school: 12

=Number of opening positions: 2

=F 6visa is also acceptable


-Salary and Severance Pay: 2.2-2.7 mil won (negotiab


-House (or Housing allowance) will be provided.

-One way air fare, Insurance(50%) and Pension (50%) will be provided.

=Date of starting work: Nov~Dec, 2023

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