Looking for an English teacher with an f-visa - The position is in Bujeon-dong, Busan of South Korea; Salary: 25,000 won~

Date of Job Posted: Thursday, August 10, 2023

Job Ad Type:
Teaching - Part Time

I am looking for an English teacher with an f-visa.
I hope you like children and have a kind and active personality.
The teaching materials are ready.

Job: Elementary school students, kindergarten
Location : Bujeon Station 3 minutes away
Teaching days : 2 or 5 days a week
Time : 3:30 to 6:30 (3 classes)
Salsry : 25,000 won ~ (depending on experience)
Start Date : September
No housing
3.3 Business tax deduction

*requirement: a F-visa preferred(F2, F4, F6),

Email me your resume with the latest photos: ohyblue@gmail.com
It may be during class, so please text me if you have any questions

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