Teach high level fluent young children in a professional organized environment - Salary & housing: 2.7 to 3.10 million won

Date of Job Posted: Thursday, June 22, 2023

Apgujeong GATE for July/August start M-F 9am-5pm: Apgujeong GATE is located in the ultra-trendy Gangnam district within walking distance to Apgujeong station, Garosu-gil, Han River Park, and Cheongdam-dong Rodeo.

Teach high level fluent young children in a professional organized environment. All classrooms come equipped with giant touch screen monitors with stylus, digital visual projectors, and computers to help aid teachers in creating the best possible learning space for our young learners.

Typical Teaching Day

Homeroom teachers are assigned just one homeroom classroom only
Arrive before 9:00 am and able to leave at 5:00 pm each day for the entire school year.
During the homeroom period 9:40 am to 3:30 pm your homeroom class will go to a various combination of special subject teacher classrooms-Typically 8 periods per week.
There will be a number of break times and non-teaching periods throughout the day allowing the homeroom teacher to carry out non-teaching duties within the 9:00 am to 5:00 pm working hours.
After school program from 3:45 pm to 5:00 pm all teachers at GATE will be assigned an afterschool class (Kinder or younger elementary ages). Depending on the schedule/season teachers may not always have 5 full days of the afterschool teaching.

*Salary with provided housing: 2.7 to 3.10 million won or
*Housing Stipend of 450,000 won on top of your monthly salary

*Follow a set curriculum and syllabus for easy lesson prep
*Encourage learning through an active and immersive process.
*Will not be required to do any EXTRA WORK OR ATTEND RANDOM POP-UP FUNCTIONS outside of the contracted working hours.
*11 days of weekday vacations for first year employees and at least 15 days for 2nd year continuing employees. All National Korean holidays off including newly created Korean holidays with no makeup classes on weekends in lieu of these holidays.

All YBM PINE Division schools are 100% owned and operated by YBM Corporation – Contract is fully guaranteed by YBM.


*Please submit a short cover email indicating your specific available date to begin a new contract, attached updated resume in word or pdf format, current visa status, and a digital picture of yourself to: show contact info

*Applicants not in Korea or without one of the following visa E2/D10/F-series visa will need to email over pictures of the following items (Background check with apostille, degree with apostille, passport page.

Qualifications to Apply

*Native English Speaker with E2/D10/F-series visa status or documents for E2 visa sponsorship
*F-series visa applicants must have documents for registration with the Korean Education Office

Application Process

*Applicants will be able to receive very detail information about all YBM PINE Division schools once a phone call has been conducted with the YBM Head Office.
*Applicants will be able to know an approximate minimum guarantee salary for their level of qualification depending on the particular YBM Position they are seeking during this phone call.

Fred Han
Personnel Coordinator
YBM Head Office
Email: ybmteach@ybm.co.kr

All YBM PINE Division schools are 100% owned and operated by the YBM Corporation – Contract is fully guaranteed by the YBM Corporation. You are paid directly by the YBM Education Corporation Head Office (not your school) regardless of any severe economic conditions that could arise.

Visit: http://global.ybm.co.kr/ to learn more about the corporation that manages the YBM PINE Division which fully owns & operates all the YBM PINE brands such as our YBM GATE, YBM PSA, YBM AppleTree and YBM Learning schools in Seoul, Busan, and Bundang.

YBM PINE division schools are extremely popular among teachers in Korea as our reputation for providing a fantastic combination of balance compact working hours with an emphasis on quality over quantity teaching workload is well known by the English teaching community here. The key to our success has been our YBM staff members who truly value the importance of our teachers by providing great support to them by consistently maintaining a professional working environment with appropriate facility to allow our teachers to effectively carry out their roles reaching their full potential as educators

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