EiE Yangsan in South Korea urgently needs a native or gyopo English teacher - Pay: from 2.3 million won per month

Date of Job Posted: Tuesday, November 16, 2021

EiE Yangsan frantically needs an English instructor or a local gyopo.

Despite the fact that we are in Yangsan, it requires around 20 minutes by transport from Dongrae, Busan on transport number 1200 1100. In the event that you live or work in Yangsan, fantastic.

The full time instructor would be our main goal, yet if you would rather not go through the night consistently

[1] Full-time working hours 1: 30 ~ 9: 00 (Our last hour closes at 8:40 am and we need to leave right away)

To some extent Paty Time: 1: 30 ~ 8:40 in W/F 1: 30 ~ 5:10 L/T/Th

(Classes are from 2:30 p.m. to 5:10 p.m.)

[2] Compensation: Starting at 2.3 million won (in addition to lodging stipend or 300,000 lodging remittance) debatable full-time/low maintenance

[3] Students: essential and optional understudies, greatest 8 for each class.

[4] Location: Yangsan (Bus No. 1200, Busan No. 110, brief stroll from Bus Station, 1.4 km stroll from Namyangsan Station No. 2)

10, Geumo 13-gil, Dong-myeon, Yangsan-si

In case you are keen on the above position, if it's not too much trouble, send your CV to


or contact me: 010- 9 1 7 4 - 9/2/2/3

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