M.I. is currently one of the most well-respected academies in South Korea, and needs to hire ESL teachers

M.I. is currently one of the most well-respected academies in South Korea, and needs to hire ESL teachers

Date of Job Posted: Tuesday, June 8, 2021


M. I. is at present perhaps the most esteemed foundations in South Korea. Its underlying foundations started over 15 years prior in Daeshi, Gangnam region. Because of a developing rundown of understudies who need to take our courses, we have opened branches in Seocho, Bundang and Mokdong over the most recent 6 years and we are opening our fifth branch in Busan City.

Our central subjects depends on perusing and composing with American course readings, books, and other genuine books. We likewise have an exceptionally interesting framework that intends to have close to 6 understudies for every class so educators can give every understudy singular consideration and care. This permits our instructors to fabricate more grounded associations with their understudies and assist them with improving their examinations.

We are searching for instructors who consider the interests of the understudies and who can work both freely and collectively. Regardless of whether you are hoping to begin another profession or grow your vocation in instruction, we accept that M.I. it will be an incredible open door for you.

★ Vacancies: Full-time positions are accessible at our branches: Seocho and Bundang


1) Native or Gyopo

2) Licensing, Master/Master Certificate/Master Debate/English as favored primary subject

3) Dedicated, eager and expert individual.

4) Open-disapproved and versatile character

5) Experience with the American educational program

6) It is alluring to have over 2 years of expert experience.

7) Must have every single required report: (FBI apostilled personal investigation, apostilled degree from a licensed 4-year school)

Compensation :

Significant compensation, pay debatable as indicated by experience.

Pay for each effective agreement year.

Extraordinary grant for serious courses.

Continuously cover on schedule and.

school conditions

- Class size: 6 understudies/1 class

- Teaching level: grade school understudies

- Class hours: 2:30 pm-PM 9:30 am (L/W/F), 2:30 pm-PM 10:00 am (T/T)

- Class planning hours: 13.30 - 14.20 (Monday/Wednesday/Wednesday), 14.00 - 14.20 (T/T)

★ Departure day: quickly

- - - - -

Application: Email your application to ziwoo2@gmail.com with a CV, introductory letter, and current photograph of yourself. Subsequent to confirming your application, we will get in touch with you to plan a meeting. Try not to make demands via telephone.

- www.miedu.co.kr

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