EPL Language Academy in Korea is looking for a well motivated and caring ESL teacher to join our team

EPL Language Academy in Korea is looking for a well motivated and caring ESL teacher to join our team

Date of Job Posted: Wednesday, October 7, 2020

EPL Language Academy is an unfamiliar claimed and worked English foundation situated in Incheon. I am British and my significant other is Korean. We have been doing business for more than 10 years. We are searching for rousing and thinking about our group. You can likewise recruit an accomplice. It is situated between Ganseok Station and Juan (both inside strolling separation).

Shows the essentials of EPL.

You might be qualified for lodging or lodging stipend benefits.

Installment relies upon capabilities and experience. (Max 3.0)

Working hours: 2:00pm-9:00pm or 2:00pm-8pm or 2:00pm-7pm L-F. Truly adaptable.

The course endures 50 minutes. Up to 6 understudies for each class; All classes are arranged by age and level. (In contrast to different institutes) If it doesn't fit into the homeroom, we reject numerous understudies.



Annuity, government backed retirement and clinical protection.

Occasions: multi week in summer and multi week in winter. More can be readied on the off chance that you can locate a substitute educator.

Consent to include different workstations. No issue if your instructor needs to procure somewhat more some place.

It's a quite fun work environment with an incredible group of educators and understudies. Truly agreeable privately-owned company with a positive environment. We have a fixed timetable with enough space for a coincidental undertaking or movement. We don't bring in cash by selling books, so we dedicate everything the time our understudies require to contemplate the material. Not in a surge like a major foundation establishment. Brilliant instructive climate.

There is no stuff. Be benevolent, buckle down, and be a cooperative person. You will be spot on.

There are as of now 9 representatives. Everybody can address your inquiries. All Korean staff talk superb English so there are no issues with correspondence. You will get a call or email when you demand contact data. All workers are at any rate 2 years of age, a large portion of them 3 or 5 years of age.

At present, our instructor is leaving in the wake of finishing a subsequent agreement to follow the instructive program in the United States.

Contact Information:

Ben: 010-9924-2082
Email address: eplhagwon@gmail.com

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