The Department of Language Education at HanDong Global University in Pohang, Korea needs ESL teachers

The Department of Language Education at HanDong Global University in Pohang, Korea needs ESL teachers

Date of Job Posted: Saturday, October 3, 2020

The Department of Language Education (DLE) at Handong Global University (H.G.U.) in Pohang, South Korea is enlisting ESL instructors from the spring semester of 2021.

Candidates can work in a language division committed to creating and conveying excellent Academic English projects. The division's instructive capacity requires joint effort with partners. This job is played inside the bigger structure of a gave pledge to follow Jesus Christ and His lessons, perceived on conventional scriptural grounds.

Instructors are at first employed on a one-year contract dependent on H.G.U. Regulatory endorsement for contract expansion.

The application cutoff time is Friday, October 30th at 6pm. Applications got after the cutoff time will no doubt not be thought of.

It shows a normal of 15 credit hours for every semester (30 credit hours of the year). Keep customary working hours. Effectively partakes in week after week council and division gatherings.

Help with understudy situation tests if important.

The spring and fall semesters are each most recent four months. Teachers must be nearby roughly fourteen days before the beginning of the semester, and go to a retreat facilitated by the college staff before every semester starts. Educators are additionally needed to give a concentrated 3-week credit course every year (during summer or winter breaks) upon solicitation, and H.G.U. Additional time rate.

DLE instructors fundamentally show scholastic English during the day on Monday/Thursday and Tuesday/Friday. Wednesday is essentially for staff's sanctuaries, division gatherings, and trades with understudies.

Compensation and advantages

Compensation: Master's candidates with a scholastic foundation of 3 years or more in the wake of moving on from graduate school start with a yearly pay of 35,964,000 won (counting benefits), and an extra year of instructive experience.

Condo style floor on a semi-outfitted grounds (if accessible). Contingent upon the kind of living space, month to month upkeep and help costs are the obligation of the educator and pay is deducted.

Paid get-away (normal two months for summer and winter semesters)

Sponsored medical coverage

Retirement program

Discount of flight endless supply of next visit and travel receipt


Somebody who communicates in English. Per Korean government strategy, just occupants of Australia, Canada, UK, USA, Ireland, New Zealand and South Africa are acknowledged as English speakers (identification check required).

Graduate degree and at any rate 3 years of involvement as a college educator. Candidates with a graduate degree in TESOL or applied semantics are liked. Qualified doctoral understudies get the best consideration.

A develop Christian religious on the acknowledgment of conventional scriptural facts.

How would I register?

The accompanying data ought to be sent to DLE Director Alex Banks ( by email joined.

• Cover letter

• Resume/Resume (age, conjugal status and contact data, school posting, course and compensation, incorporating evidence of citizenship with a duplicate of the identification page)

• Declaration of Faith (must incorporate a portrayal of the up-and-comer's very own confidence relationship with Jesus Christ and the impact of the competitor's confidence on instructive practice)

Application cutoff time: October 30, 2021 (Fri) 6pm (Application reports got after the cutoff time are not thought of)

Alex Banks

+ 82010 5597 4058/+82 54260 1496 (working hours)/+82 54260 1623 (out-of-available time)

Authoritative Manager DLE Phone: +82 54 260 1338

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