Woosong University in Korea is accepting applications from experienced, qualified ESL tecahers - 3.5M Korean Won

Woosong University in Korea is accepting applications from experienced, qualified ESL tecahers - 3.5M Korean Won

Date of Job Posted: Saturday, September 26, 2020

Starting in March 2021, Woosong University will acknowledge applications from experienced candidates to fill in EFL's non-life associate educator positions.

Necessities and capabilities

We will just contact candidates who:

Meets the E2 visa qualification necessities in Korea (F and E1 visa holders can likewise apply) and

You should have a graduate degree (ideally in instruction, English, TEFL or etymology) and two years of demonstrated experience showing English at the college.

or then again

Ph.D. Or then again Ed.D. (Thought about experienced, yet not needed).

Essential or auxiliary training involvement in an instructive permit is allowed, however should be from the nation that gave the candidate's visa.

Your work experience should resemble this:

Show English full-time at school, college or business (not a private foundation)

This can be affirmed by an unequivocal date or by a letter from the business with an endorsement of work.

Fruitful up-and-comers breeze through the public clinical assessment.

Work portrayal

General English Program (GEL), Non-Principal Assistant Professor *

Shows an assortment of credit and non-credit EFL courses

As long as 20 hours of guidance for each week, 4 hours of available time every week, and 2 hours of expert advancement at regular intervals (facilitated by the college)

Classes run Monday through Friday in the first part of the day, evening and night.

* Bilingual (Korean and English) GEL instructors with interpretation and translation accessible may have the alternative of performing regulatory work.

beginning pay

2,700,000-3,500,000 Koreans for each month


Once reward for all educators in the main year (300,000 won after the primary month, 700,000 won after agreement)

Contingent upon the aftereffects of the yearly instructor execution assessment, an extra compensation of as long as multi month is paid, as a little something extra when marking a two-year contract, and the following position each year from that point.

a month and a half of paid get-away every year.

Fundamental Insurance: National Health Insurance.

Private benefits support (month to month commitments: about 8% of pay).

New mentoring program for every new instructor.

Sent Kindergarten Teacher 40% Off


Private guides acquire 400,000 won for every period of living*, so they can lease an incompletely outfitted private loft close to the postal grounds (just accessible for one year and just if conceivable) or lease private convenience.

Hitched educators get 500,000 won for every month inhabitant subsidy*. On the off chance that two educators are hitched and both work in Mailong, every instructor will get a habitation scholarship* of 400,000 won for each month. Mailing doesn't give a couple or lofts to couples.

* Housing endowments do exclude significant assets, and mailing doesn't give key cash, credits, or advances to workers. Residence grants are notwithstanding the instructor's base compensation.


It's a one-year contract beginning on September first and can be broadened in case you're content with the presentation.

Application measure

Starting assessment: Please send an email to the Mail Investigation Committee as a PDF document (setting@wsu.ac.kr).

Resume and introductory letter;

Bachelor's, Master's as well as Ph.

Output of all school declarations;

Work Proof Scan (Employment Confirmation Letter) Yes

Checking visa photograph/data and mark pages.

On the off chance that you have a Korean ARC, if you don't mind send a front and back sweep. Ensure your visa is agreed upon.

Contact candidates whose capabilities meet our prerequisites. On the off chance that you haven't checked your present work affirmation letter, you can acknowledge it later. Because of the size of the application, it will most likely be unable to react to all applications. Much obliged for comprehension.

Candidates who have been allowed the position must give the accompanying archives:

All candidates

Apostille duplicates top notch;

Apostille examination of the criminal record of the nation of beginning.

Candidates who need another E2 visa

Contact: Recruitment Committee

Email: hiring@wsu.ac.kr

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