Foreign Language School Esl teaching jobs are available in China from September 2022 - Payment: 19,000RMB/month

Date of Job Posted: Wednesday, April 27, 2022

School name:Beijing Haidian Foreign Language school
Workdays: Four working days per week(Monday to Thursday)
Students age: 6-12,primary school part
Classroom size: 15-25
Working time: 08:00-11:45, 14:10-16:30 From Monday to Thursday
Subject:English listening,speaking,Reading and Writing
Begin time:Sep 2022

1, Payment: 19,000RMB per month
2, Full paid Chinese official holidays
3, 3,000RMB housing allowance per month
4, sponsored Legal Working visa
5, Public schools system with good environment and mature teaching system
6, other bonuses will be negotiable

1, Native English speakers
2, BA degree or above
3,holding work visa or qualified to apply work visa

Contact information:
Mobile:0086 13349257393

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