Wuxi Huatian bilingual school is a K15 international bilingual school established in China, and is seeking ESL teachers

Date of Job Posted: Friday, January 21, 2022

School Profile:

Wuxi Huatian Bilingual School is a K15 global bilingual school set up by Pan Quansheng, Chairman of Huaxia Real Estate, with the full help of the Wuxi Government and Education Bureau.

"Huatian" intends to "accomplish greatness for each youngster", and gives "bilingual invasion and double channel advancement", and develops future gifts of "physical and emotional wellness, scholastic greatness, global vision and awareness of others' expectations".

school area:

Near open transportation. 15 minutes stroll from the closest metro station (Line 2 Yinyue Hu Station). 10 minutes drive from Wuxi East Railway Station and around a little ways from Wuxi East Railway Station to Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station.

Accessible positions:

kindergarten instructors

Essential necessities:

1. Four year certification or higher

2. Eagerness to work in a group and agreeable in a socially assorted workplace.

3. Responsive and able to put in any amount of work to assist with executing our school arrangements and qualities.

4. No criminal record, should be validated by the Chinese consulate in your own nation or your own country's international safe haven in China

5. Solid oral and composed relational abilities; phenomenal collaboration Other necessities

Sets of expectations:

1. Learn and show our coordinated educational plan, plan and show alloted courses. Something like 20 examples and 20 conference hours out of each week.

2. Plan an educational program that reacts as intently as conceivable to the singular necessities, interests, and capacities of understudies, utilizing an assortment of showing strategies and materials, including hear-able and visual learning materials.

3. Direct the learning system towards the accomplishment of the destinations of the program and, as per the targets, build up clear goals for every illustration, unit, project, and so on Convey these objectives to understudies.

4. Endeavor to carry out the school's instructive way of thinking, instructive objectives, and destinations through educating and activity.

5. Routinely evaluate understudy execution and give progress reports depending on the situation.

6. Keep up with precise, complete, and right records as per lawful prerequisites, school strategies, and authoritative guidelines.

7. Make understudies and guardians accessible for instructive purposes outside of the school day when required or wanted. Partake in school and market exercises.

8. Come out as comfortable with the utilization of innovation in the study hall and then some, as we will have an intuitive whiteboard to work with learning and interface our understudies with future learning strategies, which is exceptionally attractive.

9. Endeavor to keep up with and work on proficient capability by consistently going to gatherings and educator instructional meetings.

10. Show day camps during summer travels (something like 3 weeks during summer excursions).

11. Other allocated capacities.

Compensation and advantages:

1. Cutthroat compensation bundle (RMB 18,000-26,000 preceding expense)

2. Free convenience nearby (individual proposition or nuclear family)

3. Private protection

4. Flight expense 10000 RMB each year

To apply, if it's not too much trouble, email mzwhuang@163.com

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