International kindergarten English teacher job in Shenzhen, China - Salary: RMB25,000-30,000 monthly including housing

Date of Job Posted: Tuesday, November 30, 2021

PU sent, 30K-25K, worldwide kindergarten work in Shenzhen, early February 2022. Welcome to go after this position!

[PU Provided] ESL Job Description for International Kindergarten:

1. Area: Shenzhen city, Guangdong territory, China.

2. Length of the agreement: one year contract, February 2022 to February. 2023.

3. Position: English instructor.

4. Age of the understudies: 3-6 years.

5. Work days: work days from Monday to Friday. 2 days off on ends of the week.

6. Long periods of work: 35 hours out of each week.

Pay and Benefits:

1. Compensation: 25,000 to 30,000 RMB each month, including remittance for lodging.

2. Suppers: free business snacks.

3. Get-aways: half-paid one-month get-aways.

4. Occasions: 11 Chinese occasions settled completely during the year.

5. Free culture classes: Chinese composition and drawing.

6. Protection: mishap protection and clinical protection.

7. Others: Airport pickup, appearance help, birthday celebration ...

8. Work visa: offer a work license.


1. Level of first language English.

2. Four year certification or higher.

3. Candidates who are as of now in China or abroad on a work visa.


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