Dotkids Education is a professional English school for children in Beijing, China, and is looking for ESL teachers

Dotkids Education is a professional English school for children in Beijing, China, and is looking for ESL teachers

Date of Job Posted: Monday, October 11, 2021

Dotkids Education is an expert English school for kids in Beijing. It was established in 2004 and has four schools. The organization utilizes around 30 full-time local instructors, the vast majority of whom have been with the organization for quite a while. In case you are energetic with regards to educating, Dotkids Edu is the best spot for you!


1. Just local educators.

2. More than 21 years old with a college degree.

3. Showing experience is liked.

4. Lighthearted, patient, exceptionally energetic, enthusiastic, vivacious and innovative character. Show youngsters from 3 to 15 years of age. It is fun in the event that you like youngsters.

6. Criminal individual verification.

Expected set of responsibilities and our proposition:

1. 32-36 class/available time each week.

2. Area of schools: Beijing, China.

3. We offer a lawful work visa needed to educate in China.

4. The agreement has an estimated span of one year. The compensation is from 24,000 to 26,000 RMB each month, a reward of 200 RMB for all out investment every month, a reward of 1,000 RMB for full support every semester. February and August have 3 a month off because of occasions, they pay you constantly and cost 250 RMB per class. After marking the agreement, you will get a reward of 5,000 RMB. For the expansion of the agreement there will be an increment of 2000 rmb for the following agreement.

5. We offer a discount for trips to China.

6. We offer free Chinese illustrations.

7. We offer mishap protection for one year and 2000 RMB each year for repayment of emergency clinic costs.

8. For educators abroad, we can orchestrate free air terminal get and visit to their new home, neighborhood, charging and setting up cell phone administrations, and so forth We have the unfamiliar illicit relationships division to help you in day to day existence and different things.

You can email Tina at or call her at +86 13520865818. The Wechat ID number is 13520865818. Join your CV, the primary page of your identification, a new photograph, a TEFL declaration and your title. .

Much obliged for your time.

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