NES English, Science, and Math teachers are needed in Thailand - 42,300 THB (EP/Content) salary per month

Date of Job Posted: Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Country of Job Position: Thailand

Job description

- Teaching hours range from 15-20 hours a week.
- Class sizes range from 25-35 students per class with air-conditioned classrooms, LCD projectors, Apple TV.
- School hours are approximately 07.30-16.30 Monday to Friday.
- Curriculum and lesson breakdowns are already developed and provided to the teacher.
- All teaching materials are supplied by BFITS in paper or digital format: Textbooks, PowerPoints, Online Learning Platforms, etc; however, teachers MUST develop their own engaging Slides/Lessons using the material given
** All EP classrooms are equipped with LCD projectors so PowerPoint/Google Slides experience is needed **

- Teach subject content to assigned classes as per the schedule provided.
- Adapt and deliver PowerPoint lessons provided by BFITS.
- Modify and adapt lessons to meet the needs of your class.
- IT skills are a prerequisite for this position.
- Maintain weekly office hours.
- Maintain student grading/assessment using the company's online Learning Management System.
- Attend office meetings or professional development held during office hours (if/when needed).

Salary and benefits

- 42,300 THB (EP/Content) salary per month plus 500 THB per hour if overtime
- 12 months (EP/Content) academic year contract that can be extended for additional years and additional benefits. *No unpaid months or reduced pay due to school holidays or reduced teaching hours*
- Monthly supplemental attendance bonus of 750 THB per month.
- End of Contract bonus up to 34,000 THB.
- Guaranteed yearly 3% cost of living pay increase minimum.
- AETNA medical insurance paid.
- AETNA dental insurance paid.
- 2-weeks paid vacation (an additional week for additional years of employment up to 4 weeks).
- All Thai government holidays off with pay (13-15 days annually) *These are mandatory government holidays in addition to the paid vacation.
- 4-7 Paid personal/sick days (unused personal days reimbursed at 500 THB per day at end of the contract).
- Assistance with visa extension and in obtaining a Non-B visa (Teacher must provide proper documentation-Original degree/TEFL/Police clearance).
- Work permit and teacher’s license paid by BFITS.
- Assistance (if needed) in locating housing.
- Airport pickup (if needed).
- Yearly professional development training is provided for free during school breaks. Topics of training based on teacher requests and needs.
- Western Management Style


- Must be a Native English Speaker (i.e. Passport from the USA, CANADA, UK, IRELAND, AUSTRALIA, or NEW ZEALAND)
- You must send your Bachelor's Degree AND Transcripts ONLY (we will need the Bachelor's degree certificate to apply for NON-B documents).
- Copy of your CV/Resume
- Police Clearance (can be local or national reports/checks)
- Basic Office/IT Skills

How to apply


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