The objective of Columbia is to provide our clients as many opportunities as possible to practice speaking English

Date of Job Posted: Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Country of Job Position: Online

Columbia’s objective is to provide our clients with as many opportunities as possible to practice speaking English with guidance and necessary corrections
We offer a premier online language platform that focuses on teaching English to the adults

Salary and benefits

1. Flexible Schedule: Set your schedule and hours so you can spend your free time on things that matter.
2. Work from Home.
3. Teaching materials are created by our material team as an optional resource for you.


- Native or near-native speaker of English
- Bachelor's degree
- Internationally recognized qualification in TEFL/TESL (120 hours minimum)
- Previous experience in TEFL/TESL/ESL or online teaching is an advantage
- Additional teaching qualifications an advantage (especially for young/very young learners)
- Desktop computer or a laptop with a webcam.
- Stable internet connection
- A pair of over-ear or circumaural headphones with microphone

How to apply

Please send your resume with a copy of your TESOL/TEFL certificate to

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