Accent Advisor is an online American accent training school, that is focused on teaching adult expats living in USA

Date of Job Posted: Monday, June 20, 2022

Country of Job Position: Online

Who We Are …

Accent Advisor is an online American accent training school, that is focused on teaching the standard American Accent to adult expats living in the US.
Lessons are entirely online utilizing Skype and a PC, laptop, or tablet.
Our students are fluent in English, and simply want to reduce their foreign accent.

Salary and benefits

What We Have To Offer …

Pay Rate:
When you start, the hourly rate is $15 per hour. Non-negotiable.
The rate goes up every 500 teaching hours by $1 until it reaches $25/h.
You are paid for student no-shows and classes that are canceled with less than 2 hours' notice.

There are no payment penalties for being late, taking time off, last-minute cancellations, technical difficulties, etc. We trust our coaches to provide the best service possible.
Class Size: one-on-one
Student Ages: Adult (age 18+)

Commitment: You can work up to 30 hours a week. It's not a full-time job.


Who We Are Looking For …

Ability to teach the standard American accent and have clear speech without a strong regional accent
At least two years of ESL and Pronunciation teaching experience
Must be able to utilize Skype Video Calls and have a stable internet connection with a minimum uploading speed of 5MB/s
Advantage: Can speak another foreign language in addition to English
Advantage: Ability to mimic and understand the mechanics of foreign accents (Russian, Chinese, Indian etc…).

Required Education:
At least one of the following:
Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics/English
TEFL/TESOL/CELTA certificate
Vocal related degree/certification

How to apply

The only way to submit an application is on:

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