We currently have some online English teaching positions - Hourly Rate: 14 - 45 US Dollars/Hour, online education

Date of Job Posted: Friday, November 26, 2021

Country of Job Position: Online

We presently have online apprenticeships covered by the accompanying 4 sorts of work. You can check which types you like and apply them straightforwardly

- Type of work 1. Language courses - English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Russian, Latin.

Application interface: https://teacherrecord.com/url/2a88fac5d7

- Job Type 2. All subjects in the educational plan are accessible from grades 1-13 in the UK and grades 1-12 in the US.

for instance: math/science/physical science/science/history/geology, and so on

Additionally incorporates SAT, AP, ACT, GCSE, A-Level

Application connect: https://teacherrecord.com/url/ae87908316

- Job Type 3. Online English Teacher Jobs

Application connect: https://teacherrecord.com/url/03c97eb524

- Type of work 4. Free Talk or IELTS Speaking web-based English course

Application connect: https://teacherrecord.com/url/bfa94d4219

Pay scale:

- Hourly rate: $ 14 - $ 45/hour (contingent upon the subjects you instruct and plan your work)

Administration highlights:

- Flexible working environment: self-teaching (internet preparing)

- Long choice

- Salary up to 45 USD/hour

- Start employing continuously in the wake of applying

- Directly to the school formally (no office included)

- Working hours: adaptable hours/customary course

- Good hold cost/ensure classes (contingent upon the position)

- Some undertakings are full-time fixed compensation occupations

- Easy and loosened up work

- !! Welcome to all ethnicities !!

You can see the situations in this rundown and apply straightforwardly (at first 100% enrollment continuously)


You can converse with us on Skype for the particular positions you are searching for

Skype: live:TeacherRecord

Significant note: we are the ones who need more educators and presently we can distribute the opportunities progressively.

To apply, email: george.hines@teacherrecord.com

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