The Central European Teaching Program in Hungary has conversational English Teaching openings for fall

The Central European Teaching Program in Hungary has conversational English Teaching openings for fall

Date of Job Posted: Thursday, September 16, 2021

Country of Job Position: Hungary

Conversational English instructor for the harvest time openings in Hungary

The Central European Education Program offers the accompanying conversational English courses in the fall:

A bilingual optional school in the delightful town of Papa in western Hungary IMMEDIATELY needs a full English educator.

A bilingual elementary school in the humble community of Nyirbator in eastern Hungary needs an English educator to chat.

A nursery school/kindergarten in the western Hungarian town of Mosonmagyarovar needs instructors to work with small kids. This position may as of now be filled, yet we are anticipating affirmation.

CETP is the most established and biggest association for the position of ESL educators in Hungary. We presently serve in excess of 100 schools the nation over.

Our instructors MUST communicate in English, have a Bachelor's certificate and TEFL certificate, and be residents of nations that have an equal concurrence with Hungary: USA, Canada, UK and EU, NO EXCEPTIONS.

The program charge for these leftover entry level positions is $ 1,500 for the scholastic year (September-June). I guarantee you, this isn't a temporary position charge. We are a full assistance association and we offer: all EU home and work licenses for educating in Hungary, archives that permit you to enter Hungary during the pandemic. As a feature of your compensation bundle, you will get a completely outfitted private loft with paid utilities, clinical protection, the compensation of a Hungarian public educator, a great day in and day out director in the country, month to month online gatherings, a Facebook page for movement . what's more, instructive counsel, just as mindful and customized administration. What's more, since it's deducted from your Hungarian annual duty when you go through CETP, you save more than the measure of the program's diminished charge. If it's not too much trouble, Google CETP to perceive what individuals need to say about us.

Send a short introductory letter and resume to Mary Rose at Additionally visit our site

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