Searching for Primary English Teachers in Brunei - A competitive tax free salary yearly 31644.85$ to 49727.63$

Searching for Primary English Teachers in Brunei - A competitive tax free salary yearly 31644.85$ to 49727.63$

Date of Job Posted: Friday, May 7, 2021

Country of Job Position: Brunei Darussalam


1) Graduated from a college in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Great Britain, South Africa, United States.

2) Have the situation with instructor/qualified educator title (PGCE, Bed, DipT, and so forth) A TEFL endorsement with a certificate isn't sufficient

3) At least 3 years of important homeroom showing experience after capability with Key Level 1 and/or Key Level 2 educating experience

4) Be younger than 55 at the hour of your appearance in Brunei Darussalam.

We offer a fantastic compensation and advantages for this position:

A serious tax-exempt compensation each time of $ 31,644.85 to $ 49,727.63

Premium for marking an agreement of 1/6 of pay

Ease of living

Liberal convenience

Profoundly financed support for the training of up to 2 relatives at a worldwide school.

Genuine profession improvement openings

Agreement reward

This is expected toward the finish of the agreement time frame and is comprised of 1/6 of the all out collected compensation.

Agreement PERIOD

A 2-year contract from January. On the off chance that the educators show up in the center of the year, the agreement runs from the date of their appearance until the finish of December of the next year. For instance, in the event that somebody shows up in June 2021, they have an agreement until December 2022


Start and end of agreement for representatives and relatives. From that point, a yearly travel remittance is paid if the representative broadens the agreement.


Instructors have liberally outfitted convenience (generally 3-4 rooms). Educators are answerable for paying for utilities (gas, power, web, TV, and so on) Upon appearance, instructors will remain in a lodging or loft for the term of the mix program (IP). During the review time frame, they are shown a progression of houses inside driving distance of their school that are inside their spending plan and they can pick their favored convenience.

Subordinate DISCOUNTS

Training remittance for up to two kids matured five or over (or three in the event that they are an instructor couple). Around 80% of the charge is paid by ETR clients in Brunei. Educators are liable for a one-time extra charge (which can be borne by the customer) and a month to month expense of approx.

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