Teach English online to adults from the Middle East and North Africa - start at $14.00 per class hour

Teach English online to adults from the Middle East and North Africa - start at $14.00 per class hour

Date of Job Posted: Friday, September 25, 2020

Country of Job Position: Online

Educate Middle Eastern and North African grown-ups online English.

Why English Today USA?

Adaptability: You can pick when to instruct and the amount to educate every week (1-40 hours). You can even educate anyplace on the planet with a solid web association.

Study hall Freedom-As long as understudies feel glad and getting what they need, they can encourage the manner in which they need. They give thoughts and methodologies that may help, yet they don't need to be followed.

Notoriety Once endorsed by the organization, you can make a video on the best way to be posted on your Instagram page, which has developed to more than 110,000 supporters in 4.5 months. In the event that you wish, you can label your record to help increment your fan base. This is totally discretionary.

Kinship Build fellowships with profoundly energetic understudies (generally grown-ups) from the Middle East and North Africa.


Essentially, all understudies are Arabic speakers from the Middle East and North Africa.

All ages are welcome, however most understudies are somewhere in the range of 18 and 30 years of age. In the event that you would prefer not to encourage a particular age gathering, you can alter it.

Understudies extend from A2-C1 (essential to cutting edge).

On the off chance that you can communicate in Arabic, even fledglings can educate.

Less Competent Aspects: I make an impression on the understudy before the five star, the objectives he seeks after and the zones that will support him (talking, tuning in, perusing, composing, sentence structure, jargon, elocution, IELTS/TOEFL arrangement [yes, I know this test) Are] and so on).

Number of Students: Most classes are 1 to 1, yet we can likewise offer classes with 2-4 understudies, so the hourly rate is higher

Most understudies discover English Today USA on Instagram (@ english.today.usa). Instagram (@english.today.usa) has more than 110,000 devotees and is developing from 1,000 to 2,000 consistently.

Ideal capability (go)

Ace in TESOL

Ace in progress in TESOL or CELTA Pass A.

Baccalaureate in TESOL or CELTA Pass B

CELTA or Master of Education/Education

TESOL declaration or instructive experience


Instructors start at $14.00 per class.

Qualified instructors can offer specific courses (for example IELTS/TOEFL readiness, business English, clinical English, and so on.) or bunch classes at an exorbitant cost concurred by the instructor and friends. Educators get 80% of the sum paid by the understudy (after the exchange charge). Instructors can make promotions for these courses, and if the proprietor considers fitting, they will be posted on the organization's Instagram to draw in more understudies.


Educators meet up as autonomous business visionaries (this gives instructors more opportunity and adaptability). At the point when the understudy pays, it associates with the instructor (for the most part by means of WhatsApp) so the educator can talk about their objectives, what he needs to zero in on in the class, and the quantity of classes. The understudy needs the time he needs every week. The instructor at that point utilizes Zoom (or another video conferencing program) to lead the 40-minute class. Since there is no set program, educators make singular intends to assist understudies with accomplishing their objectives. We have a ton of assets and exercises to send to our educators and you can pose inquiries and exhortation. Fundamentally, you succeed when your understudies feel upbeat and are realizing what they need to realize.

Contact Information:

Joshua < learn@englishtodayusa.com >

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